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IB Courses Offered AT WVHS

The IB Subjects - IBTestantGeneral Information (IB Course) - IB Business Studies

** HL represents higher level/2 year course

**SL represented standard Level/1 year course 

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HL Literature

Group 1

HL Spanish

Group 2

SL Spanish

Group 2

SL French

Group 2

HL History of the Americas

Group 3

HL Psychology

Group 3

SL Psychology

Group 3

HL Biology

Group 4

SL  Biology

Group 4

SL Environmental Systems and Societies

Group 4

HL Sports, Exercise, and Health Science

Group 4

SL Math Applications and Interpretations 

Group 5

HL Music

Group 6

SL Music

Group 6

HL Art

Group 6

SL Art

Group 6



Course Schedule for an IB Diploma Candidate

Junior Year schedule

Senior Year Schedule

  AVID/TOK 12 (zero period)

HL  Literature Year 1

HL  Literature  Year 2

HL  History of the Americas Year 1

HL  History of the Americas Year 2

HL Your Choice

HL Your choice

SL Your Choice

SL Math Applications & Interpretations


SL your choice

your choice

Your Choice


++Optional: 4th HL

++students can earn an additional 6 credits for college by enrolling in a 4th HL IB course.

**You are required at least 1 year of science
** You are required to take 2 years of a World Language