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Mission Statement

We also believe in teaching players three basic concepts. First, give the player the basic skill to be successful at the high school level. It is up to the player to get as much from the basic skill as possible, but we will at least provide the basic concepts.

Two, we will also work on developing a mutual respect for the game, fellow players, opponents and officials. In the end it is just a game. We will win games with class and we will lose games with the same class. We will also understand that because it is a game that the officials are just doing their job.

It is our final hope to pass on a love for the game. We want our players to love the game as much as we do. The ultimate goal is to have our players come back and coach or referee. This is how we make the game better for those to come.

We also believe that the high school season alone is not enough to develop players. Players need to be exposed to the game as much as possible and we encourage the players to play whenever they can. If an athlete is playing another sport, then yes, that sport takes priority over soccer. However, if there are no conflicts then we expect the player to play soccer. The game is the best teacher. Each game and situation is different and players will develop when they are confronted with these situations.

“The Difference between winning and losing is how you enter the field””