Cross Country » Philosophy



The philosophy of the cross‐country program atWest ValleyHigh School includes the three
R’s: Responsibility, Reward, and Running.

1) Responsibility: Cross‐country is a sport that demands individual responsibility. We believe that this important trait can be developed through both the individual and team nature of cross‐country. Further,the goal of the program is that the responsibility fostered through out the season will carry over into the classroom and personal life of every student athlete.

2) Reward: There are numerous reward involved in the sport of cross‐country. Our philosophy is to maximize the intrinsic rewards, including personal and group responsibility, camaraderie,self‐esteem, endurance, and accomplishment that are gained through the training and participation in this sport.

3) Running: The philosophy of the cross‐country program is to foster a life‐long love of physical fitness. Running is an activity that can be carried far beyond high school and lends itself to the development of physically sound adults. Our goal is that student‐athletes allow the benefits gained from running to continue through out their lives.

Overall,the philosophy of the cross‐country program is that participation should be an experience that inspires student athletes to become well‐rounded and responsible citizens. Involvement will be an enhancement of the students’ high school career.