Counseling » West Valley Counseling Department Information (2022-2023)

West Valley Counseling Department Information (2022-2023)

Hi West Valley Mustangs!!

Dear Students Class of 2023. If you need assistance with college matriculation, college enrollment, financial aid, scholarships,  and pathway support schedule a virtual or in person appointment with a Cal-Soap Coach at one of three available locations please click on this link, email [email protected] or call/text 909-521-8190. 

CLASS CHANGES-please email.
Please EMAIL YOUR COUNSELOR regarding any of the following:
We do not honor schedule change requests for opting out of A-G/4th year of math (seniors only), IB, CTE, or AP classes until the 3rd week of school. Students will receive the following message in their Counseling Google Classroom:
Schedule Changes will be made during the first two weeks of school for the following reasons ONLY:
Errors in schedule
Missing a period
Two classes in same period
Same class twice
Incorrect grade level (academic classes)
Missing a core academic class
Already passed the class with a C or better
See Counselor
Students who are requesting a schedule change for the following reasons will be able to do so August 22-25 ONLY and a parent meeting will be REQUIRED!
A-G opt-out
AP/IB opt-out
CTE opt-out


The best way to contact your assigned Counselor is through your HUSD student email account (gmail)! 

Mr. Pressley- all 9th grade                                                                                                  

email: [email protected]

Mrs. Vargas- 10th-12th last names A-GA and all 11th grade and 12th  IB DP students: email: [email protected]


Ms. Covarrubias- 10th-12th Ge-M                                                                               

email: [email protected]

Mr. Windmiller- 10th-12th  N - Z

[email protected]

Mr. Windmiller- College/Career Counselor: any Dual or Concurrent Enroll. questions                                                                 

email: [email protected]     


Click here to reach our other website.


Conversations between School Counselors and students are confidential, meaning what is shared by students with School Counselors stays between them. 

The following are expectations and are meant to keep all students safe:

Student is in danger of being harmed
Student is self-harming or thinking about self-harm
Student is harming or thinking of harming someone else
Student give Counselor permission to share with a trusted adult!