Counseling » Welcome to the 2022-2023 Counseling Page!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 Counseling Page!

 2022-2023  School Year 2nd Semester 



To support academic success, our goal is to have all students in appropriate classes as quickly as possible and to minimize the disruption of student’s learning and move forward with a positive and productive second semester. 

Please note, Counselors are unable to make schedule changes based on teacher or period preference. Electives are year long and are assigned based on your course requests. In some cases, the class was assigned to you based on what was able to fit in your schedule.

Please see our AP/A-G/CTE Opt-Out Form for the policy regarding such requests. 

We prefer you to email your counselor before the Winter Break if you have questions about your schedule, but schedule changes will be honored for the following reasons ONLY:

-Missing a course in your schedule (example: missing a math or English class)

- Missing a period (example: missing 3rd period)

-Duplicate period (example: you have two 3rd period classes on your schedule)

-Duplicate courses (example: two periods of the same exact class)

-Incorrect placement (example:  inappropriate grade level or the course has already been taken)

-”See Counselor” listed on schedule

If one of the above applies to you, we are here to help. Please email your assigned Counselor ASAP!

WVHS School Counselors-  


Mr. Pressley, BARR Counselor - All 9th GRADEPressley                                                                     

email: [email protected]

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WVHS School Counselors 10th - 12th Grade



Mrs. Vargas, Lead School Counselor- 10th-12th last names A-Ga and all 11th grade and 12th  IB DP students:

email: [email protected]

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Ms. Covarrubias, School Counselor - 10th-12th last names Ge-N      Covarrubius                            

email: [email protected]

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Ms. Diggs, School Counselor - 10th-12th last names  O - ZDiggs

email: [email protected]

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College and Career Counseling

Mr. Windmiller- College/Career Counselor: any Dual or Concurrent Enroll. questionsWindmiller                           email: [email protected]     


Ms. Jasmin - College Success CoachMs. Jasmin

email: [email protected]

Hi West Valley Mustangs!!

Dear Students Class of 2023. If you need assistance with college matriculation, college enrollment, financial aid, scholarships,  and pathway support schedule a virtual or in person appointment with a Cal-Soap Coach at one of three available locations please click on this link, email [email protected] or call/text 909-521-8190. 

ClassClass Google Classroom Codesclass1
(look for important announcements from the counselors)
Class of 2023 (Current Seniors) - oyy4lma
Class of 2024 (Current Juniors) - igu6h4f
Class of 2025 (Current Sophomores) - 34aen7q
Class of 2026 (Current Freshmen) - ehqqtlm

Please EMAIL YOUR COUNSELOR regarding any of the following:



Course Selection/Academic Planning

Study Skills/School Performance

Graduation Requirements

Test Results

College Planning



Making plans for your future after graduation from high school or college.

Interest Inventories

Career Information

Job Shadowing


Peer Pressure/Conflict Resolution

Substance Abuse



Personal Problems


Student Requests for Schedule Changes are no longer being accepted


Administration and Counseling reserves the right to change classes based on class size or balancing as new sections are created.