Girls Volleyball Message Board

Welcome to WVHS Girls Volleyball! 
We do not have tryout dates yet for girls for the 2024-25 school year, but we will be starting sometime in June.  Please check back for dates.  In the meantime, please work on getting your physical done and uploaded to and them email our athletic director for clearance at [email protected]
You can find the physical packet on this link.  The 3rd page is what needs to be filled out by the doctor or chiropractor and uploaded to athletic clearance.  
 If you have any questions please contact Coach Pulsipher at [email protected]
Thank you!
Fundraising for next year: 
Snap-raise Donations based fundraiser
Snack Bar for home games and Tournament:  We will be assigning the athletes to bring in snack bar donations so that we can sell and make 100% profit for our program.  The assignments will be as follows:
Varsity- Candy:  Sour patch kids, sour punch straws, variety packs of skittles, starbursts, different candy bars etc..
Junior Varsity:  Chips- the mini bags of chips that come in packs.  Hot cheetos, spicy chips, lays, doritos etc..
Freshmen:  Drinks- Gatorade is the top seller, Monster Engergy Drinks, Sodas- coca cola, dr. Pepper, Sprite, water bottles etc.