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Mission Statement

The purpose of the West Valley Volleyball program is provide an environment where young women can reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential, both at West Valley and after high school. We believe that through the values of the program, student athletes will develop the life skills to be successful.
In the volleyball program athletes learn what it means to have Mustang Pride and how important it is to compete with passion.  They are taught mental toughness and how to cope with adversity during matches, practices, as well as in the classroom and off the court.  When an athlete leaves the volleyball program, they should have developed a sense of personal responsibility and an understanding of the hard work that is necessary for one to be successful in life.  
Our role as coaches is to guide student athletes through the development of these values by developing relationships with our student athletes that allow for trust and respect. We must be patient, supportive, and listen but also be clear and honest with our expectations and decisions. We also expect to perform well in matches and push the student athlete out of their comfort zones to achieve success.  We know the hard work that is necessary to have a successful program and we are dedicated to pushing our athletes to those limits.