Ain't No Valley Like West Valley!
Welcome to West Valley High School!  We encourage all students to join a team, club or organization to enrich their high school education experience.  ASB is a class of 40 students that are involved in our student government program providing leadership and representing the student body as elected officers and commissioners.
The ASB class strives to create a memorable, exciting and fun high school learning environment through planned activities throughout the year, from dances to super hyped assemblies.  In addition, students organize teacher and staff appreciation activities, student recognition programs, school and community service projects, and spirit activities.
West Valley High School offers a variety of clubs on campus that meet during lunches, before and after school.  A Club Rush is held the first week of school where students can meet club members and sign up.  The daily announcements and daily bulletin contain information on meeting dates and club activities.
Activities Director:  William Valenzuela
Email Address:
Phone Number: 951-765-1600 x213
Activities Bookkeeper: Chris Frost x214
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