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School Wide Learning Outcomes

School Wide Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
Every student should be working four-years towards completing graduation requirements as a foundation to the next steps in life.  We encourage you to do more than meet minimum requirements for graduation, but to take every advantage to develop new talents and discover new interests.
Beyond graduation, we want every student to leave the campus prepared to enroll in higher education or enter the work force with the skills and knowledge to succeed.  This could mean completing a CTE pathway, completing A-G requirements for a UC or CSU, taking higher level courses in AP or dual enrollment, or developing skills in elective courses.
We want every student to find a passion at West Valley.  A club, sport, or program (academics, activities, or athletics) that motivates you to achieve and excel.  In addition, we want every student to be engaged in their education every day.  
The first expectation is to be at school every day to take advantage of every chance to learn and grow.  Good attendance means arriving to class on time prepared to learn.  Every day you come is a commitment you make to yourself to take control of your education, to push yourself, and to learn something you didn't know before.
Teaching and Learning
At West Valley, we hope to provide the best instruction through a variety of teaching strategies.  Nothing we do can take the place of the importance of your individual learning.  Your learning is the measure of our success.  Take every opportunity to ask questions and to strive for mastery instead of a letter grade or percent.