2nd Annual Design Challenge

Hemet Unified hosted its second annual Design Challenge for high school students in the Project Lead the Way, Introduction to Engineering Design classes. A total of six teams competed in the challenge to design a barbeque that could be disassembled and transported in a vehicle. 

On Saturday, March 18th, students arrived in the Governing Board Room at the District Office to begin the challenge. Students were given a flash drive with instructions on the challenge and 30 minutes to brainstorm their solution for the challenge. At the end of the brainstorming session, each group was allowed to ask one question of the judges to clarify the instructions. Teams were then sent to work on creating their design. 

Students provided sketches and a variety of drawings for the panel of judges. At the end of the day, teams were able to present their design. Teams were judged on their initial sketches, parts drawings, assembly drawings, exploded view and parts list, design concept, their final presentation, and that they met the quantitative design constraints. 

After the eight-hour day of the design challenge, the judges were able to announce the winners. First place was awarded to Tahquitz High School’s team: Zuleika Serna, Delilah Warren, and Benjamin Corcoran. Second place was given to West Valley High School’s A team: Joseph Plumb, Corey Blanco, and Stephine Sandoval. Third place was awarded to West Valley’s F Team: Jacob Brandyberry, Melissa Juarez, and Emily Lei.

Congratulations to the participants in the second annual Design Challenge and thank you to the staff that made this possible! We look forward to next year’s competition.