West Valley Teacher Receives State Recognition

West Valley High School’s Agriculture Teacher, John Campbell, was selected as the Southern Regional California Agriculture Teachers’ Association Outstanding Agriculture Mechanics Teacher for the 2016-17 school year! Campbell joined the West Valley team five years ago and was able to establish the Agriculture Program there. He said he loved the challenge of creating the program and being able to see how far it has come. Due to Campbell’s passion for Agriculture, he was able to extend the program and the school now offers multiple Agriculture courses. 

Students can choose from Agriculture Biology I, Agriculture Chemistry I, Agriculture Mechanics I, and Agriculture Mechanics II. Campbell ensured that these classes prepare students to pursue careers or further their education in Agriculture. The classes have students studying in the classroom, gives them hands-on training, and utilizes the National Future Farmers of America (FFA) Organization. Aside from learning about agriculture, students gain experience in public speaking, organization, community service, and leadership through FFA activities. 

Students are able to take what they learn and apply their skills and knowledge into a project that allows them to learn more about a specific area of agriculture. Students spend a minimum of 30 hours outside of class working on their projects, including a portfolio of pictures, and a summary about what they learned throughout the process. A few examples of student projects are starting your own business by selling fruits and vegetables, conducting an experiment to compare the effectiveness of different fishing lures, building and/or designing a product such as a series of floral arrangements, volunteering or job shadowing someone in the field of agriculture, and much more! 

“Students respect his passion and joy for what he does,” said West Valley Principal Dr. Janice Jones. She continued to say that Campbell has an amazing ability to relate and connect with his students. He often has former students reach out to him and thank him for the compassion he shows. 

“I plan to continue expanding the program,” said Campbell. He plans on opening a farm store. Students will be able to show and sell what they have grown and worked hard for. He said his goal is to ensure his students are successful and helping them attain a certificate at the end of their course will help them with that. 

Congratulations Mr. Campbell on being selected as an Outstanding Agriculture Mechanics Teacher, and thank you for creating student interest in a career field they may not have considered!