HUSD Announces its March Students of the Month

On March 24, 2016, students from Hemet Unified and San Jacinto Unified were recognized as Students of the Month at an awards breakfast held at the Sizzler Restaurant in Hemet. Students were selected from Hemet High School, West Valley High School, Tahquitz High School, Hamilton High School, College Prep High School, San Jacinto High School, and Mountain View High School/Mountain Heights Academy. 

Sponsors of the Student of the Month Program donated backpacks filled with gifts, gift certificates, a certificate for a cap and gown for graduation, a plaque, and much more. The students had an opportunity to thank their families and teachers who have supported them and helped them plan their future life goals.

Mekayla Sandoval was nominated by her ROTC instructor, Gevin Harrison, for Hemet High School student of the month. In his place, Chief Valentine said she first met Mekayla two years ago, she could tell right away that she would be someone special. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the ROTC program has allowed her to reach amazing heights within the program and become a member of the honor guard team. She is the only cadet in the Air Force ROTC with a Lieutenant Colonel rank, deputy group commander, and a color guard commander. Mekayla is also a member of Hemet High’s band, where she has mastered playing 17 instruments. 

Vanessa Marriott was chosen as West Valley High School’s Student of the Month. On behalf of her nominator Tim Hambly, Vanessa’s Weightlifting teacher, Rose Aiken (fellow WVHS teacher) said that Vanessa’s outstanding work ethic is the reason for this recognition. Mr. Hambly wrote that he is amazed at the amount of growth and dedication she has shown in his class. Vanessa plays volleyball, soccer, and softball, but she said her passion has stemmed from weight lifting. She said Mr. Hambly inspired her to pursue further education in athletic training and nutrition. Mr. Hambly knows she will succeed in whatever she puts her mind to because she is dedicated to making not only herself, but those around her better. 

Robert Conner was nominated by his math teacher, Candace Ballard, as Tahquitz High School’s Student of the Month. Robert has found a love and passion for mathematics. He has taken all advanced math classes offered at Tahquitz. He spends countless hours studying and helping other students who are struggling with their math. Robert is also Mrs. Ballard’s student tutor. When Mrs. Ballard is unable to attend the class, Robert will take the initiative and help teach and assist students on an individual basis. Robert hopes to use his knowledge to become a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for a technology based company.

Jeremiah Cardenas was selected by Jennifer Halstead, one of his teachers at Hamilton High School. His dedication and hard work have set him on a path to succeed. He strives to not just earn a good grade, but to fully understand the material being taught. He is always offering help and guidance to students who are struggling with the lesson. He has won many math competitions at his school, is an active member of the Mathletes club, and participates in many after school programs. Ms. Halstead said, he is an easygoing and well-rounded student who will continue to work hard in order to reach his goal. 

Victoria Reynoso was nominated by Brenda Martinez as College Prep High School’s Student of the Month. Ms. Martinez said Victoria is blessed with determination, creativity, tact, and diplomacy. She is a very polite young lady who strives to continuously improve. Her work goes above and beyond expectations and Ms. Martinez said she is pleasantly surprised by the art work she presents. Victoria is active in the community, volunteering at different charities and organizations. She credits her success to her leadership capabilities. After college she hopes to be in a position to come back to the valley in a leadership role. 

Congratulations to the students, teachers, principals, and family members. It was an inspiring morning celebrating these students and their bright futures.