Faculty Focus Friday Employee for High Schools

The custodial staff at West Valley High School has been chosen as the Faculty Focus Friday employees for high schools. Our West Valley custodial team is composed of Juan Sandoval, Temoc DeSantiago, Edgar Coro-Perez, Adelicia Storm, Manny Villegas, Jorge Rodriguez, Efren Garibay, Davey A’Hearn, Paula Mclellan, and Sean McCann. These individuals have been essential to maintaining a safe and clean campus. The team has not only worked hard to improve the general appearance of the campus, but they have also ensured that it is clean and safe. Prior to the pandemic, the custodial team committed themselves to making sure West Valley could host events from athletics to performances and celebrations --that commitment has not faded. This team has been essential to the success of the modified activities and events that have occurred since then, such as the 2020 drive-thru graduation, senior box distribution, registration, nutrition distribution, and material distribution. Thank you to this special group of Mustangs!