Get a yearbook with two personalized pages!!

We are changing how we do yearbooks this year. 
For a limited time, you can PRE-ORDER your 2020 yearbook for only $67.50!!!!!  
After January, the yearbook will be $75.  
Not only are we offering a better price for yearbooks, we switched companies so we can offer this.... 
 -Each yearbook includes 2 Customized pages FOR FREE  (You can add photos from your phone, Instagram & more)

-The 2 Custom pages are free and PRINTED ONLY in your yearbook. Want more custom pages? Each additional 2 pages is just $0.99!

Watch How to Customize your OWN PERSONALIZED YEARBOOK

And lastly, our new company cares about our environment. There are ZERO overprinted books. All yearbooks are printed on recycled paper AND for every yearbook purchased, our new company TreeRing donates a tree.  

1 book = 1 tree.