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Boys Soccer Goals 
West Valley Boys Soccer has had an interesting history of being the underdog. We started 
off as a small school that grew into a large school and has shrunk back to a small school. We 
have never had the high-end club players that some of our opponents have had. 

With that said, we have surprised many a team with our level of play and size of our heart. 
By focusing on fundamentals, fitness and desire, we can overcome differences in skill and 

Goal: To foster a high quality program based on improving fundamentals, fitness and 
building team unity. 
Win or lose – athletes will have a sense of accomplishment from improved physical fitness, 
increased skill and team closeness. 
These goals will be measured by: comparison to last years performance 
Increase in fitness by comparing tryout results 
Improvement in team unity 
Increase in Desire, heart, & spirit (measured improvement compared to 
beginning of year) 

Thanks for your support